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At Latimpacto we are convinced that more

impact is possible!

We help to mobilize capital more strategically for greater impact.


Latimpacto is the Network that gathers more than 160 impact-driven investors that provide human, intellectual, and financial capital in Latin America to help them maximize their impact through innovative knowledge and orchestrate partnerships and collaborations that enable a more strategic deployment of capital.  Latimpacto belongs to a family of regional networks in Europe -EVPA-, Asia -AVPN-, and Africa -AVPA-, gathering more than 1,300 members worldwide.

 ¡Connecting PURPOSES to maximize impact!

We increase the flow of capital to impact in the region, ensuring that resources are deployed in the most strategic way through:


We promote partnerships and new collaborative ways to invest and leverage resources.

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We provide tools and training on how to finance social and environmental initiatives, why to invest in them, and how to measure their impact.

Collaborative work:

To create new collaborations and alliances for the strengthening of our members' strategy.

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Latimpacto is part of a global and multi-sectoral network -1,300 members around the world- but with a clear focus and knowledge in Latin America.

Our differentiating value:

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