We are a community of capital providers -human, intellectual and financial- committed to achieving solutions with greater social and environmental  impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Why to join us?

We aim to build a bridge between two worlds that are not opposed but rather complement each other to spark the interest of:

Puente entre filántropos e inversionistas de impacto

Traditional philanthropy


which aims to employ

effective tools, and models

for the sole purpose of

achieving social and

environmental solutions

with greater impact.

those wanting to invest in initiatives that generate explicit social and

environmental impact while still achieving some planned level of financial returns.

What makes us different?

Latimpacto enables capital providers to connect with and learn from peers and stakeholders leading cutting-edge initiatives and thus to achieve a greater impact through their social and environmental investments.

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We contribute to scale up social
and environmental initiatives

Venture philanthropy is a concept that draws from the approaches of the venture-capital industry -its stakeholders, tools, and models- to put those resources at the disposal of social and environmental initiatives wanting to achieve deeper and more long-lasting results. It considers three core characteristics:

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Impact management and measurement

23 de agosto, 2022

Taller comunicación asertiva

10 de agosto, 2022

Mesa de trabajo por la Amazonía

31 de agosto, 2022

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