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Our Conference
Impact Minds: Standing Together

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Impact Minds: Standing Together 2023

For Impact Minds 2023

We would like to keep the number of 450 participants. To ensure regional diversity, the host country should have no more than 40% representation and sectors should be diverse.

Each of the spaces of our conference was designed so that each participant could be a protagonist. The diversity of our formats in the sharing collectives, in the workshops, presentations in dynamic and interactive formats, in the Demo Live, in the cocktail, among others; captivated the attention of the participants, creatingan environment where connections prevailed and the strengthening of relations between capital providers

August 27th

August 28th

August 29th

August 30th

August 31th  September 01st

Arrival Members-only dinner.

Experimental sessions throughout

the day among participants.

Conference in Rio de Janeiro

Free night.

Conference in Rio de Janeiro

Closing - Party.

Optional visits to Belem, Fortaleza or

Ilhéus/Serra Grande.

Our 2023 agenda in Brazil

Learn about our climate
action and conservation study

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Thank you to everyone who was part of Impact Minds: Standing Together 2022! 

Find here the memories of Impact Minds: Standing Together 2022. 

Enjoy it and get inspired again!

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