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Knowledge that impacts

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Estudio de casos de éxito en Inversión por impacto

We facilitate Knowledge and Understanding of the most effective social investment models for the  different types of capital-provider profiles in order to equip them with better tools so that they can maximize the impact of their investments.
Some examples are:

Codifying best practices in social investment in Latin America and the Caribbean (e.g., Social investment and impact: Cases and trends in Latin America).

Sharing of experiences, lessons learned, and best practices among peers (e.g., webinars, communities of practice, and programmatic discussions).


Training on cutting-edge topics related to social and environmental investing and impact generation (e.g., in-person and online courses).

Dissemination of noteworthy initiatives from other regions of the world (e.g., Impact strategies: how investors boost social impact).

Guidance for our community to strengthen its strategies (e.g., coaching to members on strategic-strengthening processes).

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Inversión por impacto

Investing for impact

Investors for impact support and catalyze innovative solutions to social and environmental problems, taking on risks that no other actor is willing to take.

Source: EVPA

Financiación a la medida

Tailored finance

Choosing the most suitable financial instrument(s) to support an SPO. These instruments include grant, debt/loan, equity, and hybrid financial instruments. The choice of the financial instrument(s) depends on a number of factors, such as the investor for impact’s willingness to take risk, or the SPO’s business model and stage of development.

Apoyo no financiero

Providing support services to a social purpose organisation in order to maximise its social impact, increase its financial sustainability or strengthen its organisational resilience.

Medición y gestión de impacto

Impact management and measurement

Measuring and monitoring the change created by an organisation’s activities and using this information/data to refine activities in order to increase positive outcomes and reduce potential negative ones.

Find out more about Investing for Impact by reading this guide by our sister network EVPA and translated by Latimpacto:



Access all of the knowledge resources that we have as a network.

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