Greta Gogiel Salvi

Country Director, Brazil

Greta is passionate about life. She loves sunny days—especially if she spends them at the beach—and getting to know new places and food. She deeply loves being with her family.  


Few would imagine that she enjoys extreme sports such as skydiving. Living several years outside her country (Brazil) transformed her way of seeing the world and was crucial for the development of her professional career. 


Her daughter motivates her to work for a more egalitarian world.  Greta is motivated by being a meeting point, breaking bubbles, and connecting different actors.


She got a master’s degree in sustainability from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and has worked in different organizations, such as the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, Sistema B, and the Tide Setubal Foundation.


She has 12 years of experience in areas such as social innovation, philanthropy, socio-environmental impact businesses, and social finance. Greta currently lives in Sao Paulo. She speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and some Catalan.