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We participated in the GLI Latam 2022 Forum in Antigua, Guatemala!

On November 8, our product manager, María José Céspedes, participated in the Demo Day on gender, in which we bet on closing the gender gap facing the region and mobilizing resources for investment in this area in a more strategic way.

¡Our members-only networking platform is now available!
Create the best connections for your project:


 Porimpacto is our bank of initiatives shared by members of the Latin American and Caribbean community. It presents the best options for collaboration and investment, so that other actors in the capital supply chain can join in.

objetivo final de Porimpacto
Porimpacto se inspira en el Deal Share Platform de AVPN

Porimpacto’s ultimate goal is to mobilize more sources of human, intellectual, and financial capital, thus increasing the social and environmental impact of projects.

Porimpacto was inspired by AVPN’s Deal Share Platform, which currently has more than 400 active projects and investment opportunities.

From the Connections area we promote:

recomendaciones sobre las opciones de capital social


The Discussions are informal thematic spaces where members share common challenges as well as best practices that have worked for other organizations and contribute to the design of joint solutions that positively impact the development of their industry and the ecosystem.

Ayudando al capital de financiación mixta en América Latina

Demo Days

Latimpacto Demo Days are thematic spaces where our members can present initiatives they are leading or investing in, and invite other members to collaborate on them. Through a short pitch, members explain the problem, the solution they propose and the financial and non-financial needs, inviting others to join. After the event, the Latimpacto team helps manage the connections.

Identificar proyectos sociales

Porimpacto Platform

It is the exclusive connection platform for Latimpacto members. Porimpacto is Latimpacto's space for collaboration and co-investment, where we create spaces for connection between members of our community in Latin America and the Caribbean, and share opportunities with them.

recomendaciones sobre las opciones de capital social

Direct connections

We help members connect with each other, responding to specific needs or requests and leveraging the knowledge

and experience of each organization in the network.

Tres razones para hacer parte de Porimpacto
Rafael Gioielli 
“Participar en el demoday fue una experiencia enriquecedora que nos permitió...

Participating in the demoday was a rewarding experience that allowed us to widely share some of our actions and get to know initiatives led by several members of Latimpacto. During the bilateral meetings, we were able to improve the exchange with and learn from organizations that are more aligned with our projects and look into future partnerships. I would like to highlight the key support that we received from the Latimpacto executive team”.

Rafael gioielli 
Votorantim Institute
Alberto Gómez
“La interacción y experiencia general con el equipo de Latimpacto alrededor del Dealbook de Porimpacto...

The overall experience with the Latimpacto team around the Porimpacto Dealbook has been very smooth and transparent. After the Demoday, they have been extremely diligent in coordinating introductory calls, defining agenda, following up and moving conversations forward. It has been a very valuable event that has allowed us to connect and explore collaboration with correct organizations.

Alberto Gomez

What sets us apart?

¿Qué nos hace diferentes?
  • We are a platform that presents different social assets to multiple sources of for-impact capital.

  • It is the first platform that focuses on social investors and investors for impact. 

  • It makes the investment process transparent by means of a unique, diverse due diligence process (its own members carry it out) based on the selection of investor peers to transform the way in which they obtain and deploy capital to achieve an impact solution.

  • It works under the orchestrating model under which a ripple effect is created in the platform, and transactional costs are dramatically reduced. 

  • It enables leverage and liquidity possibilities for existing social investment portfolios–or those that are being created. 

  • Traditional platforms segregate investors–impact investment platforms do not work with donors; donor platforms do not involve academia, and so on. That is not the case of Porimpacto, as we accept the diversity of investors for impact that exists in the region, whether in the form of family offices, foundations, funds, academia, etc.

Tres razones para hacer parte de Porimpacto

Three reasons to join Porimpacto

  1. There is no other solution like this in Latin America.

  2. We work to create liquidity for investors and multiply their impact through co-investments, exit routes, scaling, and capital leverage.

  3. We give advice on the newest Investing for Impact topics, always along with action to put this knowledge into practice.

Criterios clave Porimpacto
Criterios clave

All SPOs must have at least one Latimpacto member endorsing their project because it guarantees that it is a legitimate and valid opportunity.

Criterios clave Porimpacto

On the other hand, our members – philanthropists and social investors- will be able to: 

  • List and endorse the projects and SPOs that the member has supported previously or are currently supporting to help them receive additional resources. Support refers to both financial and non-financial capital.

  • Search for SPOs that other Latimpacto Members have endorsed to grow their pipeline of deals and increase their social impact through your support.

  • Notify the Porimpacto team if there is interest in an agreement.

  • Reach out to SPOs and their respective Latimpacto member endorsers directly.

Si desea más información, por favor escribir al e-mail

If you need more information, please email

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