Connections: Strengthening tool for the impact investment ecosystem in the region.

At FUNDES we are united by Latimpacto's passion for strengthening collaboration between different actors from the spectrum of social and environmental impact on the one hand, and financial instruments on the other. Latimpacto is an exemplary initiative that connects relevant actors in the world of impact investing in Latin America and the Caribbean to generate and strengthen sustainable development initiatives.

We also share the vision of ecosystem, of community to close the systematic and interrelated barriers by nature, which hinder economic and social development. Our role at FUNDES, in the articulation of networks, is to collaborate with foundations, companies and governments that invest in innovative models to promote shared growth through a strong and competitive small business sector. Therefore, joining Latimpacto seemed logical and timely.

Our vision for achieving long-term results is to incubate high-potential social programs and turn them into social enterprises with sustainable and profitable business models. We are convinced of the potential of integrating strategic philanthropy and impact investing models. I would like to share some of our projects that exemplify the high-impact work we have been doing with proven viability, both in the capital raising phase:

With MerKomuna we empower neighborhood shopkeepers to make their low-income customers have access to attractively priced products through our digital communication platform. MerKomuna started in Mexico before replicating it in other Latin American countries.

EcoBodegas is the network that promotes the consumption of healthy products in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia (soon in Mexico) through alliances between organic farmers and neighborhood stores, guaranteeing fast access without intermediaries and at reasonable prices.

In general, FUNDES Catalyst is our way of transforming projects that require philanthropic support into initiatives that reach a reasonable financial independence to attract investors seeking economic return and also generate relevant impact.

"We need to move from an isolated ecosystem to a dynamic one: Latimpacto, as a facilitating platform and hub that brings together and shares initiatives, is vital for the coordinated development of the impact ecosystem in the region.

Being part of Latimpacto also allows us to open the possibility of inviting member organizations to work collaboratively with our initiatives. It is the way to enrich the ecosystem by generating guidance, networks, resources and tools that respond to the objectives of the different profiles of capital providers and the needs of social purpose organizations.

We need to move from an isolated ecosystem to a dynamic one. On a daily basis, we see this through our clients, donors and allies; organizations that lead projects that promote financial inclusion, the development of women entrepreneurs, the strengthening of value chains, sustainable business strategies and the reactivation of local economic fabrics, and that know how to benefit from the creation of multi-sector alliances that connect the standards of the financial world with social impact.

Latimpacto, as a platform, facilitator and hub that brings together and shares impact initiatives, is vital for the coordinated development of this ecosystem in the region.

We are confident that more actors will join this commitment of which FUNDES is now part and is committed to contribute!

Andreas Eggenberg, presidente de FUNDES Internacional

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